Whether you’re happy with your day job, a successful business owner, or a Dal or SMU student who’s struggling to get by, a side hustle should always be on your radar. In 2019 and beyond, making money regardless of your physical location is easier than ever before, and all you really need is a tool that’s already in your pocket – a smartphone with an internet connection. The following 4 apps that we’re about to reveal each cater to individuals with different skill sets and lifestyles, so there’s bound to be something for everyone in the Halifax area that needs some extra cashflow.


  1. Ibotta

Shopping is something that you probably do anyway in your spare time, right? Then why not use some of that effort and energy to install Ibotta, an app that gives you cash back on your purchases? As long as you don’t forget to save the receipt, it’s another source of income you can use for whatever you please. Just take a photo of it, send it through the app, and extra cash will be deposited into your account in no time. If you’re the entrepreneurial type, you can also make more by referring your friends to sign up through your affiliate link.

  1. Foap

There’s no need to be a professional photographer to earn money by taking photos. As long as you have a semi-modern smartphone with Foap installed, you’ll be able to profit and benefit from its hardware. Here’s how it works; first, the app presents you with a list of missions to choose from. If you think you fit the bill, pick one from the list and get snapping! You’ll be told what kind of photo is requested, and the rest is up to your creativity.

  1. Slotty vegas

Consider yourself a wizard of odds or a mathematical whiz kid who fancies some casino action on the side? Slotty vegas offers a mobile-optimized app to profit from your knowledge and put your skills to the test. Those who aren’t afraid to aim for the long haul and eager to take advantage of the special promotions have a great chance of finding themselves on the winning side. If nothing else, the winnings should suffice to treat your buddies or loved ones to a night out. Just don’t go overboard, be patient, never bet more than you’re potentially prepared to lose, and you should be fine.

  1. SwagBucks

Left with a couple of minutes of spare time while waiting for your friends to arrive? Then put it to a good use by searching the web through the SwagBucks app, while watching videos and answering a survey or two along the way. While the app is unlikely to replace your day job or make you a significant amount of money in a short period of time, the earnings sure do add up over time, so consistency is key. For more survey-centric mobile offerings, it’s also worth checking out some other apps such as Survey Junkie or Prize Rebel.

Honorable mention: Uber and Lyft

Since these two apps have all the potential to become your main source of income, they are, of course, the most labor-intensive. They also have some specific requirements, demanding that you have a car that is no older than 5 years. But if you don’t mind driving around complete strangers (some may consider it an adventure), both Uber and Lyft have the potential to pay your bills and then some. They haven’t made their way to Halifax or Dartmouth yet, but local sources are calling the move inevitable and being first in line to sign up as a driver will definitely pay off.


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