Businesses That Have Thrived During COVID-19


If you’re usually patronizing your local businesses, Spring 202 may seem quite a bit different to you. With the threat of the novel COVID-19 virus and the pandemic that followed, everyone has been affected, both on a personal and professional level.

The virus has not only ravaged through global markets, but it’s going through countries’ local economies. Businesses are stressing about whether they can survive the blow mother nature has delivered. COVID-19 came as a wave and altered everyone’s perspective on how fast things can change, and how many things we’ve taken for granted.

And, though many industries are suffering, some are doing rather well, even prospering. The pandemic has opened eyes to how we live and how we can live. Just because we’re used to doing something a certain way, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t viable alternatives, that we might grow to like better.

Amid this crisis, certain businesses have enlightened people and have made themselves handy in overcoming this unexpected predicament.

Online Casinos

In certain markets, like Australia, an 67% increase in online gambling has occurred during the first week of April. The UK and Spain are also reporting dramatic spikes in the use of digital gambling platforms. With land-based establishments closed and no sporting events taking place, people have turned to locate the best online casino they can find.

Even despite the pandemic, the online casino industry has grown year to year. We live in the era of the smartphone. A device that can provide a lot of things. And, today, you can gain access to thousands of advanced slot games on it, ones with free spin rounds, skill-based mini-games, and the chance to land a massive progressive jackpot. You can even get your cards dealt by a dealer on the other side of the planet at the live casino section on most platforms. It’s an easy and fast gambling experience.

Pizza Chains

You would think the current situation might kill the restaurant industry as a whole, well, not quite. One area that hasn’t been affected is pizza deliveries. People need food, and they want it hot, and at an affordable price, enter – pizza.

Papa John’s has announced that they will be adding 20,000 new workers, while Dominos has opened up 1,000 new positions. But, that’s not all. Pizza Hut is looking for 30,000 new people to join their team as well. Business is booming and pizzas are flying out of ovens.

Streaming Services

It’s logical that when people have to stay indoor that they need to find ways to entertain themselves. Sitting in front of the TV has been the most common way we kill time for 70 years now. So, it’s no wonder that Netflix has added 16 million new subscribers.

It also sought $2 billion in bond sale in October od 2019. However, the company spends a lot on content. A lot. Its reported debt is around $15 billion.


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