Caesars Windsor is a casino in Ontario, Canada. It is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the area attracting over six million visitors per year. More than two thousand of its employees went on a strike earlier in April, protesting bad working conditions and low salaries. Unifor Local 444 represented the employees and mediated the agreement process.

Several agreements were being considered, but they were all getting voted down by the employees. Finally, after 60 days, marking the longest negotiation process in the history of Caesars Windsor, an agreement was reached, reports As a result, the salaries of the employees will increase by $1.75 in the next three years. The first increase of $0.75 will happen by the end of the first year. $0.75 and $0.25 raises will follow in the second and third years respectively. The deal, which 75% voted for, considers other areas like job security as well. The company agreed not to outsource some of the services and not to close down foodservice outlets.

The agreement was met with joy by some of the officials as well as local business representatives. Mayor Drew Dilkens commented on the news saying: “It’ll be great to have 2,300 people back working, contributing to the economy and I think they’re breathing a sigh of relief. So is the City of Windsor and the businesses in the community”. Six million visitors a year also drew business to surrounding areas. A representative from the Vets Club commented: “It’s good for the city, it’s good for our drivers for sure, it’s good for everybody. Nobody ever wins in these kinds of deals, so it’s just good that they’re back. Hopefully, we can look forward to the next three years as being good”.

The employees were relieved as well. Some expressed their discontent with the long process, saying that they should have voted ‘yes’ before. Others were simply happy that they would get the opportunity to go back to work soon. Visitors to the casino were unhappy during the months of negotiations about canceled reservations and trips. “Of course, it was noticeable to those that had booked meetings, conventions, those who had show tickets. Obviously the longer it went on, the more negative a reaction would come of that. This end to the strike means that messaging will stop.” – Gordon Orr, CEO of Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island commented. The visitors will be able to plan trips to Caesars Windsor once again.


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