Canada eSports: the fastest-growing category of online betting


Nerds and jocks, this was the quintessential battle of countless movies from the 1980s. Usually, the jocks would get the early upper hand due to their superior physical strength. But, through cunning and intelligence, the nerds would rise to the top. With eSports betting, we get the best of both worlds – a combination of nerdy intelligence with a jock’s competitive nature. This has resulted in eSports becoming one of the fastest-growing categories in online betting – let’s look at why, and the benefits of this fantastic opportunity.

eSports betting shows explosive growth

In 2016, eSports betting was worth $5.5 billion. By 2020, that figure is set to hit $12.9 billion – a growth of 134% in a mere few years. To put that figure into perspective, betting on all sports in Canada in 2016 amounted to $12.32 billion. That is a lot of money moving around for keen eSports betters to get their hands on.

Most online sportsbooks offer eSports betting

Sportsbook operators are quick to spot a trend. As such, most now offer a range of eSports betting options. This includes the major and minor events and a host of juicy markets for each. Operators that run casino/sportsbook are also getting in on the act, to find a good one check review sites like which can guide you in the direction of quality gambling platforms. The widespread adoption of eSports gambling makes it easy for punters to take part.

Many exciting events to choose from

Keen eSports gamblers are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking games to bet on. Some of the most popular right now are:

    • Dota 2 (VALVe)
    • Counter-Strike (VALVe)
    • Fortnite (Epic Games)
    • League of Legends
    • Fifa (EA Sports Canada)


Video games overtook Hollywood years ago, and are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. Combine this insane level of popularity with betting, and you have some incredible gambling prospects. The great thing is that eSports betting shows no signs of slowing down so now is the perfect time to explore this exciting opportunity.


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