Nova Scotia is one of the smallest Canada provinces and one of three regions named as Maritime Provinces. Additionally, this is the land which along with other four provinces is creating the region of Atlantic Canada. For gambling, the is no difference if the province is small or large, as a big number of its residents search for Nova Scotia online casino sites if they want to play online slots, poker, roulette, and other games. But Canadian players still doubting: is gambling in Nova Scotia legal? Let us answer this question at once, but read this text to the very end in order to get to the bottom of it. Things are somewhat ambiguous with Nova Scotia gambling.

First of all, it is absolutely legal to go in for online gambling in Nova Scotia if you are 19 years old (or older). Residents of Nova Scotia, as those of Atlantic Provinces can freely access the websites controlled by the Atlantic Lottery Corp. But let’s be honest, official websites like that can’t offer a number of various activities for gamblers.

At the moment, the Atlantic Lottery Corp. gives players the possibility to participate in lottery sales online, PROLINE bets for sports events, Paysafecard Casinos and instant bingo plays. Players physically present in Newfoundland, Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia or New Brunswick are eligible for ALC.

On the other hand, things are not so good: ALC does not present poker games, full-fledge sports bets and online casino slot games. But there is one thing the gamblers can be sure about: online gambling is NOT prohibited in Nova Scotia.
Additionally, the land-based Casino Nova Scotia presents slots, poker and table casino games and it is open for visitors on the state’s territory. This means, offline live gambling is allowed in the province, too.

Gamblers also doubt whether an internationally licensed and regulated online casino gambling is legal in the province of Nova Scotia according to reputable gambling authority Or if to paraphrase that into a bothering question: are gambling activities provided by offshore operators illegal? Historically, the law does not prosecute something that is not claimed as illegal by court officials. Well, not prosecuted with a success at least. To find a proper answer to this question, we had to study Nova Scotia gaming legislation documents carefully.

Nova Scotia Gambling Regulations

Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division of Service Nova Scotia is the institution responsible for all activities connected with gambling under Part II of the Gaming Control Act.
The responsibilities and rules of this institution can be found on its webpage, where the most part of them as clarified. It is also need to be noted that the majority of their rules is governed by the Canada’s Criminal Code.

What’s the Conclusion?

To spare you the time of reading tons of law-oriented info, we’ll summarize it so you could understand only the essential facts. Laws regulating gambling activities in Nova Scotia can provide gamblers with some critical information. Some the information is implied; some was already stated outright. We do not have licensed lawyers or attorney officers working for us, so this text cannot be treated as the authorized expert advice for legal issues. But still, it is worth to mention that some of qualified Canadian specialists working with gambling laws came to the same conclusion. Here is what we want to let you know:

  • Gambling activity is illegal only if it is not authorized. The most part of forms of gambling (whether they are on land and/or online) are authorized by the government of Nova Scotia province. Casinos, poker games, bingo, lotteries and certain kinds of sports bets are included there. This means, these activities are permitted.
  • The offshore online casino (not present in on Canadian soil physically) stands beyond Nova Scotia or Canada government’s jurisdiction. In case if the online casino provider is properly regulated by offshore location authorities (Isle of Man, UK, Malta, Gibraltar, etc.) and taking into account the fact that those games are not prohibited in Nova Scotia, government has no reason to block such operators from interaction with players who are Canadian residents (or foreigners located in Canada physically at the certain moment of time).

So, you can enjoy gambling in any authorized online casino accessing it from Nova Scotia.


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