Legal sports betting now available in Canada


It is now official. People in Canada are able to place bets on single sporting events within the Canadian borders as this was officially passed by the Canadian Senate by a 57-20 vote.

It looks like this bill was destined to fail. After all, it had been debated on Thursday in the Senate, months after it had been passed inside the House, but looked like it was destined to fail when the discussion period ended without a decision made. Discussion on the measure was extended and continued the following Monday, and now this is officially approved.

What Does This Mean?

C-218 is a big victory for those who wish to place bets on sporting events. Prior to this, the Canadian criminal code made it illegal for people to place wagers on individual sporting events, but that is no longer the case. While some provinces had already allowed this type of wager, now it is officially approved across the country.

This gives sports gamblers the ability to choose an event and place a wager upon it. Of course, it is still required that those placing a wager meet the requirements of provincial law. In fact, the new regulation grants authority over sports gambling to the provincial government and their gaming authority.

This has been the law of the land regarding casino operations since 1985. At that time, Canadian law granted authority to each of the provinces to govern legalized gambling within their province. The same authority will now be granted regarding sports wagering.

Where Can You Go to Place a Bet?

Now that this has officially become the law of the land, sports gamblers will be able to place wagers on individual sporting events. It is expected that the primary location for individuals to place bets on these events will be at land-based and online casinos, who will both operate as sportsbooks providing odds and lines while also accepting wagers.


There are many who have already gone out to find the best online casino in Canada to play their favorite casino style game, such as roulette, poker, blackjack, or slot machines, but now they will be able to use the affiliation of these casinos with internationally recognized sportsbooks to place wagers upon events.

However, it is also important to understand that it will be likely that not every province will allow sports gambling. Much as the United States has been, it will be up to the individual provincial governmental authority to determine if sports gambling will be legalized within the province. Those wishing to place wagers will have to check with the governmental authority.

It is also expected that major international sportsbooks will partner with governments and casinos to offer their services. DraftKings is already in a partnership with the NFL, including in Canada. BetMGM has partnered with NHL superstar Wayne Gretzky and The Hockey News, and the NHL recently took an equity stake in PointsBet. It is clear that these major sportsbooks are going to have a big presence in Canada, among others.


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