Local Halifax Businesses Capitalizing On Online Marketing Trends

    halifax digital marketing trends

    If you’ve ever been in a rush, or needed to find a quick solution to something locally, you’ve probably quickly typed in ‘garage door repair’ into Google and been served dozens of relevant results. You wouldn’t be alone, and this has been the trend for years now in Atlantic Canada. However more and more local service businesses and tradespeople are realizing how valuable their online real estate can be for getting the word out about their offerings.

    From cleaning services to furniture repair, having a proper website is something that is an absolute no-brainer according to Attila Stob from intdmf.com.

    “We analyze thousands of websites for key quality factors, and many are loading in over 5 seconds which is way too long to expect a prospective customer to wait. The ideal load speed is under 2 seconds, but ideally under 1 from the data we’re seeing.”

    A study published as of 2013 notes that 33% of users are clicking the very first organic search result and with a slow or clunky website being so annoying, it’s important to have everything looking and operating perfectly. This means for those in the 5th to 10th position are losing major visibility and allowing their competitors to gain easy leads and more ground on them daily. If online betting sites, one of the most competitive and valuable niches ever are spending money on their online presence, it only makes sense for local business owners to pay attention accordingly.

    The process of getting higher organic search results is known as SEO or search engine optimization and would be considered a subset of digital marketing. While Google themselves are very vague about how to accomplish this, local Halifax marketing firms are capitalizing on the opportunity and getting it done for small to medium sized businesses every month.

    According to James Smart, a local digital marketing and white label PPC expert in the HRM area, a proper website is one that loads fast, offers a good user experience and solves the search intent – whether that be informational or commercial in nature.

    “You ideally want a site that is user friendly to both Google as an algorithm and makes it easy for prospects to convert, whatever that may be in your case – phone calls, emails, or even an online purchase. Without that information, Google has a hard time rewarding you with higher organic positioning.”

    This blends itself with content marketing and creative writing, which is the art of publishing relevant, useful and insightful on your site and social medial channels to boost user engagement and ideally brand engagement and leads. For savvy young entrepreneurs like James, this has been a case of greener pastures as online ad spend and focus on digital presence has enabled him to grow his agency significantly, all while making sure the revenue stays within the Halifax area and in the pockets of local businesses.

    What’s next for those looking to get attention for their business? We can’t tell for sure, but with mobile device usage on the rise, and surpassing desktop searches in 2016, we can’t see the trend slowing down. The more people search for best tacos in Halifax from their phone or tablet, the more traditional marketing channels will be challenged and the more those who move and implement fast enough will be rewarded.

    The only remaining question is – who DOES have the best tacos in Halifax?


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