Secrets To Smart Gambling From a Nova Scotia Pro


Gambling can be an enjoyable experience, but it would be very more rewarding if you are also earning money in the process. As such, gambling strategies should always be at play whether you are playing in Vegas or one of the many games available in online casinos such as

Local Halifax resident Jeremy Wilson has had some amazing runs at Nova Scotia casinos and shares some of his most effective strategies to make sure you can actually walk away with a respectable profit at the end of the night.

However, some strategies may not be that effective in the long run, but fortunately, we have listed some ways which you can increase winnings while minimizing losses. Hopefully, these strategies can help you in making gambling more profitable and more enjoyable.

Look at the RTP

The RTP, or the Return to Player Percentage, defines how often the game would pay out. More specifically, it will indicate how much of your bets would return to you as winnings, statistically. In other games, the term “house edge” may be used. Simply put, these terms are used to determine the odds of you winning after a set number of games.

By knowing this figure, you will have an idea of your chances of making a profit out of your wagers. A higher RTP and a lower house edge are what you should be looking for when choosing a game to play.

Of course, these figures may not be completely accurate based on your experience, as this can be higher or lower depending on your luck. Nevertheless, these figures will give you a rough idea of how often you would be able to win.

Use Positive Progression Betting

Positive progression is a betting strategy that is used to minimize risks and to take into consideration winning or losing streaks. While some utilize the reverse of this strategy, smart players who want to ensure minimal losses and are patient enough to build up winnings slowly.

Positive progression betting, simply put, is the process by which players minimize bets when losing and increase bets when winning. The effect is two-fold, especially if you believe in winning or losing streaks. Minimizing bets while losing means that you will lose less money if luck is not on your side, you are basically just betting using your wins when you are on the winning end of your bets. Again, this is used by smart players who require a lot of patience for maximum effectiveness.

Go for Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are usually available in some online slots, but other casino games such as roulette or blackjack also provide jackpots once certain criteria are met. Most of the time, it entails prolonged gameplay, especially when it comes to slots.

While some slots are coded to have a higher chance of triggering a jackpot when higher stakes are made, do not be tempted by this. Rather, make small but continuous bets in one machine and, if you are lucky enough, then the jackpot could be yours. This would give you a much bigger profit that you could not get with a single bet.

Make Smart Bets

Smart gambling entails multiple strategies. However, at its core, it only means one thing – never gamble more than you can afford. Players should never make large bets, especially if they intend to play for a prolonged period of time.

Smart gamers would also put a cap on losses and call it a night once this figure has been reached. Some players even only play money from winnings from a previous gambling session. Perhaps most importantly, wise gamblers know when to walk away so that they can gamble another day.

Follow the tips mentioned above, and you are armed with the secrets used by successful gamblers to have a fun and profitable time when gambling.


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