Online casinos have never been as popular as they are right now. Thanks to easy access to the internet by users and the availability of high-tech tools, any smart online casino can’t help but gain popularity. The UX (User Experience Design) of online casinos is constantly improving, which attracts and secures players. Compared to just ten years ago, online casinos have become giants in the casino industry. They are replacing traditional casinos more and more, and consistently increasing their audiences.

Statistics – the numbers speak for themselves

Statistics collected from the US, Canadian and European authorities have a lot to say already, and this is just the beginning. Reliable forecasts speak of a sector that would represent a business volume of more than 100 billion US dollars per year as of 2020.


This figure may seem unrealistic, but we can assure you it’s not. In the United Kingdom, who record accurate data on any activity related to online gambling (Source: Gambling Insider), nearly 2 billion pounds is wagered each year on online slot machines alone. That’s just one individual country and one type of game. So, if you consider the largest internet-oriented countries and the legalization of online casinos, the annual figure of 100 billion doesn’t sound so crazy.

Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe

Even with restrictions that make online casinos illegal in most US states, casino games have a bright future. On a global scale, this industry is attracting more and more nations and private investors.

Canada, for example, has a huge number of start-ups solely dedicated to the virtual casino sector. There are web agencies that maintain Canadian online casino review guides, as well as bloggers who are passionate about online betting and poker tournaments. In the UK, where there’s a liberal approach to gambling, it’s inevitable that companies are invest in the operation of virtual casino platforms. According to casino professionals, London (UK) has become the world capital of companies and start-ups in the online gambling industry. As far as Europe is concerned, each Member State now regulates Online Gambling activities. Following the same model as Canada, each European has its own rules.

Smartphones – a makeover for casinos

It goes without saying that the use of smartphones and internet-related technologies are favoring the online gambling sector. Free access to WiFi almost everywhere you go has also pushed growth in online games. The top legal online casinos are equipped with the most advanced technologies to attract web users. In short, operators don’t hold back when it comes to impressing their customers. There are live streaming gaming rooms with real dealers, 3D slots and customer support available 24/7.

Casino sites with millions of customers

Online casinos now act as the largest casinos in Las Vegas. They are always open so players can bet any time they want, 24/7. In addition, the most popular virtual casinos have millions of loyal players, returning again and again (source: Casino Rewards Chain). Because these high-tech online casinos accept players from around the world, the activity never stops.

The most advanced high-tech virtual casinos

We’ve come a long way since the first virtual casinos of the ‘90s. At that time, online casinos only had a dozen games, which had to be downloaded individually to a PC, and the click response times were tedious. Today’s performance couldn’t be more different! The most technologically advanced casinos on the market are so impressive, you may even forget you’re playing online!

A desire to grow without limits

If casino operators want to stand out, they need to get creative. Classic advertising media are, of course, part of their expansion strategies: print advertising, internet advertising inserts and presence on casino guides. The niche of casino guides is that casino operators can make affiliate programs available to their partners.

Affiliate programs of virtual casinos

Affiliate programs provide the opportunity for casino owners and bloggers to partner with ease. Based on a pay-per-click or buy-in system, casino affiliate programs enable virtual casino operators to be featured on casino websites dedicated to auditing and testing gaming rooms.

There’s huge potential with these programs, which is shown in the data published at OCP (Online Casino Partners) on the Casino Affiliate Program page. In fact, you can actually increase virtual casino audiences through these affiliate programs. Evidence on this subject, collected on forums and affiliate guides, state that 35% of their audience is generated by affiliate programs via the internet. Interestingly, the first affiliate program in history was made by a company that operates online casinos. In 1994, when the first online casino in history was set up (Gaming Club), the owners decided to set up the world’s first online affiliate program. This idea, which seems basic today, was revolutionary at the time.


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