One of the most important aspects of life is entertainment, as this is what people use to take a break from the difficulties of day to day living. Of course, having access to entertainment will always improve quality of life as the options are virtually endless – people can access movies, music, TV shows, video games and more. Even gambling is a much-loved activity that counts as a form of entertainment, and this is one industry that has grown immensely in recent years. The presence of online betting sites has a big part to play in this rise and players enjoy accessing them thanks to the range of sports they cover. Even cricket fanatics can access a list of sites to bet on cricket, as well as many more options.

There is no doubt that the entertainment industry is massive and covers many different sectors. What is clear is that there is a clear desire for entertainment, which is why these industries are so big. However, it might be interesting to see what the biggest industries in entertainment are.


Everyone knows that video games have taken over the world as of late, and more players than ever are sitting down to play their favourite video games. When compared to other media, it is clear that gaming has a few advantages that make the industry so massive. For example, video games are inherently interactive and players can dictate how and when the story unfolds. They can also be incredibly immersive as some developers enjoy crafting massive, breathing worlds for players to explore.
It might surprise some to learn that the video game industry has reached atmospheric heights of late, and it has surpassed movies and music combined as it has risen over the years. The fact that such a new industry could overtake established industries is an incredible feat and firmly cements gaming as one of the biggest entertainment industries out there.


This is one industry that has been around for a long time, and this means that it is also massive, but not quite as large as gaming. Still, no one can deny the excitement that surrounds the latest blockbuster releases and going to the cinema to watch these films is simply an unbeatable experience. This is especially true if people are going to watch their favourite franchises on the big screen. Despite being heavily affected by the pandemic, the movie industry has managed to bounce back and continues to provide the world with exciting films that many can enjoy.


Like video games, streaming owes its existence to developing technology. To say that streaming transformed the entertainment scene would be an understatement, and this is another industry that has grown incredibly during recent years. The convenience that streaming giants such as Netflix and Disney+ offer means that people scarcely have a reason to leave the house anymore for their entertainment, so it is easy to see why streaming is another massive industry in entertainment.
It is clear that most industries in the entertainment sector are large, but some are more than others. Despite the worldwide love of movies and streaming media, it is clear that gaming is the biggest entertainment industry out of the three.


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