Which Investments Can Help You Earn in 2020?


Investing is an absolute essential if you want to enjoy a comfortable future. Investments are handy tools that can fund retirements or get you out of a financial jam somewhere down the road. Most importantly, the practice helps you grow your wealth, which makes it possible to smash financial goals and drive up your purchasing power over time. Even though investing is essential in building wealth, it is crucial to approach it with a balance between what you stand to gain and the involved risks. 2020 has been plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has revealed just how volatile the markets can become very quickly. On the upside, it helps identify investments that will serve you in the long term. Below are some of the investments you can make this year that have varying levels of risks and potential returns. 

Play Real Money Casino Games

Engaging online free games, including playing free slots no download, is a good practice to relax, but they are also possible to play using real money. These games require cash to gamble, and the winnings they collect are withdrawable. Real money slots and other casino games are high-risk investments with players having a higher chance of losing than they do of winning. However, the potential returns are lucrative and often influenced by the bet amount used. Slot machines that include progressive jackpots offer the chance to win life-changing amounts for as little as a few pennies. The most significant amount ever to be collected from pooled prizes amounted to a little over 17.87 million euros.

Due to the high risk involved in online gambling, some practices have to be applied to make the most of the investment and the winning chances that come by, including:

  • Approach gameplay with a fixed bankroll and do not exceed the set amount despite the accrued winnings or losses.
  • Place bets according to the budget to ensure gameplay lasts for long and the bet amounts aim for the highest winning values.
  • Choose a reputable online casino that assures fairness and security in their games and services.
  • Play games with high RTP rates and exploit the odds by playing for extended periods.

Pay Off Debt

Paying off debt is often overlooked as an investment, but it delivers better returns than most other asset classes have to offer. Getting rid of debt helps you get richer by cutting down the interests you have to pay in the future. Most credit cards apply interest rates of between 15% and 25% per annum and paying them off grants a highly effective return. For instance, if you are 5000 dollars in credit card debt at an interest rate of 20%, paying off the balance saves you 1000 dollars in annual interest. If you have such liabilities, especially high-interest ones, getting rid of it is the single most useful investment you can make. Once it is cleared, you will have more cash flow to invest in other areas.

Personal Investments

Investing in yourself may not be the immediate answer to gaining financial rewards, but they can pay dividend along the way. You can approach this investment in one of two ways – get the necessary skills to advance in your current venture or acquire them to follow a new career path. Most people are stuck in career stagnation due to inadequate qualifications in the form of certification or a skill set. Develop professionally by taking courses in colleges, online platforms, or programs that suited for your field. The internet has made it easy for anybody to learn almost anything, which is handy when venturing on a new career path. Whichever option you choose, it will take effort, time, and some money to make the investment work. In the long run, the acquired qualifications can be used to get a promotion or increase your earnings.

The Stock Market

The most common place investors put their money is the stock market. When you purchase stock, you become a partial owner of the firm you invested in. You share in company profits by receiving regular payments or selling your shares. Some of the different ways you can invest in stocks are:

  • Income stocks – pay dividends consistently on monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually, or annually basis.
  • International stocks – help to diversify your portfolio with foreign investments that protect you from drops in the local market.
  • Weak market stocks – acquire stocks when the market plunges and wait for the share prices to rise and sell high.

Rainy-Day Funds

Having emergency funds does not make you richer, but it cushions you from the risk of becoming poorer. If you do not have one and you meet unexpected expenses, you can be forced to sell investments, run into credit card debt, or make bad financial decisions. As a rule of thumb, always have not less than six months’ worth of living expenses stashed away. This amount does not include money saved for other investments and exists for the sole purpose of dealing with unforeseen financial hurdles.

Retirement Savings

Saving for retirement sounds like an obvious investment, but most people do not have these savings. Approach your employer and ask for a sponsored retirement plan. You can also work on a personal one. It is advisable to put away about 9% of your income to secure future finances, whether you have an employer-sponsored plan or not.

Time with Loved Ones

Financial freedom is one of the keys to happiness, but not the only one. Often, people get too caught up in the money-making process that they lose touch with the human element. This pushes other important things to the back burner and weakens the bonds between loved ones. Invest in spending time with family and friends while you work on pursuing your goals. Engaging in activities with loved ones helps you earn mental and emotional wellness, which contribute to a stress-free life.


Investing in 2020 is easier than ever, even with the growing competition. Help yourself achieve set goals by surrounding yourself with like-minded people. You can also get a professional financial advisor that makes you accountable for your investments and money management.


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