4 Reasons You Should Incorporate Boxing Into Your Workout Routine


In recent times, the sweet science of boxing has seen a resurgence in the mainstream. What was once thought to be a sport for street fighters and thugs is now generally accepted as a great fitness program. This could be due to the popularity of various fitness boxing programs or the cross-over appeal that boxing has.

Whatever it is, we believe that you should seriously consider incorporating boxing into your fitness regime. Need some convincing? Take a look at our guide which shows you 5 reasons why boxing should be part of your workout.

  1. Boxing adds variety

Variety has long been regarded as being the spice of life. As is, finding the willpower to head to the gym every day is already quite a chore. When coupled with the boredom you feel from going through the same few routines every day, you’ll start to see why your workout needs some variety.

From jabs and crosses to hooks and uppercuts, pounding the bag in the gym gives your workout a good shake up. It prevents your traditional routine from going stale and helps break the monotony of hitting the treadmill and piling on the weights.

Along with this, scientific studies have shown that switching up your workouts have a significant number of benefits that range from helping you break through a weight-loss plateau to keeping you motivated on the long-term.

Furthermore, switching up your routine ensures that you’ll never overuse your muscles which goes a long way towards preventing injuries. So, if you find yourself getting bored at the gym, why not pick up a pair of gloves and start hitting the bag?

  1. It helps relieve stress

It goes without saying that daily life can be extremely stressful. Whether it’s problems at the office to issues at home, sometimes you just need to let it all out. While hitting the treadmill or pumping iron does relieve stress, nothing is quite as cathartic as pounding a bag.

The feel of your gloves on leather and the satisfying thump is quite unlike anything else. This coupled with the focus you feel as you go through your boxing drills is a great way to burn off any excess stress. If you’ve got anger issues, working it out on the bag also allows you to work off any excess aggression that you may have.

Experts have also noted that hitting the bag and getting into the “zone” is an excellent way to keep you calm and focused. By the time you’ve gone through 6-7 rounds of boxing drills, you’ll be drenched in sweat and utterly de-stressed. 

Even other athletes in several sports, like football, use it as a workout routine. Take the example of Ray Edwards, who was a pro footballer for Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons and has signed a boxing contract after his retirement from the American sport. He agreed that boxing is different that the way NFL lines moves, but it is still in the same level as a physical sport that demands quick movements and reflexes.

  1. Get a full body workout

If you’re like us, you want to get the most that you can get out of your workouts. After all, life’s too short for you to spend hours at the gym sculpting your body. Instead, shred fat and pack on muscle by taking up boxing.

From your arms to your feet and even your core, boxing works out each and every single muscle in your body. Boxing provides you with a full workout by combining both aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) exercises. 

Besides this, you’ll find that your general athleticism is improved when you take up boxing. This is because it challenges you in every aspect, from your power and endurance to your coordination and strength.

  1. Build confidence

For all you tough guys out there, boxing is the perfect outlet for all your aggressive tendencies. Instead of stalking the streets looking for a fight, hit the bag and work off your adrenaline. Contrary to popular belief, boxing instills you with a sense of calm confidence and an inward belief that you have nothing to prove.

With this calm confidence, you’ll find yourself being adept at handling confrontations while still keeping a cool head at all times.

The benefits that boxing can have in your life are innumerable. With discipline and some hard work, you’ll find that the body of your dreams is easily attainable.


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