The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has caused uncertainty, stress and panic among many business owners and their employees. As cases spread through the United States and especially Eastern Canada, businesses are forced into a situation where retaining employees has become difficult, not to mention making rent and other payments.


This however, doesn’t have to be an entirely negative situation for all businesses. Many higher income employees still have disposable income – the average Canadian household disposable income is over $30,000  and with idle time and stress, this makes certain industries, activities and more accessible and tempting. 


What happens when Netflix, Uber eats and scrolling through Instagram becomes boring? Well those who enjoy gaming will definitely indulge in Call of Duty or League of Legends. However those who want a bit more excitement and skin in the game will definitely turn to online poker and other casino games.


Canadians are not shy to indulge in gambling – the industry generates over $13 billion nation-wide as of 2019 and this includes all sorts of games – from bingo and lotteries to casino games like baccarat, blackjack and poker. There is no doubt Canadians love to gamble and with more idle time, those from Nova Scotia to British Columbia will only be shifting that activity online and increasing as many will be stalled waiting for the economy to re-open or their jobs to be safe to return to.

Why Poker’s Popularity Will Only Grow During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Gambling and especially poker will see a predictable rise as this pandemic continues and as peoples economic uncertainty continues. Whereas some areas are less affected by others – Manitoba has significantly less cases than the entire GTA – the urge to find excitement gaming and especially with hands of poker couldn’t be higher.


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