Gaming: Existing for Longer Than We Thought

When one thinks about gaming in today’s world, the first thing that may spring to mind is probably playing video games on a console or a personal computer, or even one person playing video games on a Nintendo console or even a Gameboy. 

But gaming as a concept has been around for ages, since at its core, it refers to the practice of individuals distracting themselves mentally via the activities of playing a game. This practice is basically what the term “gaming” means.

Games such as chess for example had been a staple within the olden days, with the game being ageless and having it’s origins being rooted in 7th Century India, or games like poker being popular during the 18th century. In fact, one would be surprised to find out that before they began producing video games, and consoles and before they became synonymous with characters such as Mario, Nintendo was a pioneer for selling Hanafuda cards in the nineteenth Century.

Suffice it to say, the industry has been around for decades, and within this article I will be focusing on the rise of the gaming industry, with a focus on Online Gambling.

The Rise of Online Casinos


When talking about the rise of gaming, one cannot go about this without mentioning online casinos which have flourished, especially with sites such as pioneering the industry. When it comes to the boom in regards to Online Casinos, one can note a number of areas which have propelled this rise.

The most prominent one is that of convenience, and this itself brings in a number of benefits of its own, such as not having to gamble in a new environment, something which may make them nervous. Another aspect which contributes to the rise of online casinos is the steady adoption of newer and more efficient technology to make it better and more efficient, such as VR Technology and Use of Crypto and E-wallets to make payments.

The Rise in Gaming

Moving onto the rise of gaming and video games as a market, one can easily contribute this to a number of factors, but there are two which are quite interesting. One of them focuses on the rise of competitive games on the market, such as CS:GO and League of Legends, while the second stems from video games becoming more and more story driven and cinematic. Games such as the Recent Tomb raider remakes, still deliver the platforming gameplay which was prevalent within the older games, but their enhanced graphics make it more and more cinematic and as a result more immersive for the player, and better for the player to take in the game’s story.

On the other hand, the rise of competitive games is also a strong contributing factor to this rise in gaming, due to players flocking to these games, and giving them a competitive market. Games like these can vary from Genre to Genre, with games like dead by Daylight even having its own eSports Market.

Some Brief Concluding Statements

When one is looking at the different areas of gaming, each and every of them is currently growing at an all time high, something which is highly expected from an industry which has been of paramount importance for humanity for generations. 


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