In an apparent backlash to the business of modern life, ‘staying in’ has become the new ‘going out’ in many ways. But it’s more than just a reverse phenomenon – according to the American Magazine Well and Good, it’s one of the biggest recent health trends. The trend has certainly not bypassed Canada or maritime provinces such as Nova Scotia.

By all accounts, millennials are all about exploring all aspects of individuality and liberalism ideology, and generally being open to new ways of living. Fortunately, the balance between economic sense and creative aptitude enhancement is achieved. In a sense, you have to be creative in order to enjoy staying in, which often equates to less money spent.



‘Warm’ – Bea Serendipity via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Where It All Began: Say Hello To Hygge

When it comes to making the most of homebody enjoyment, the Danes are well ahead. They have long recognised that taking time to recharge the soul in fun, cosy ways, minus the annoyance of outside life, is more than just selfishly giving in to ‘me time’.  It is a requisite to achieving balance and a strong sense of mental well-being. They must be onto something, as they are reportedly one of the happiest nations on earth. It was probably always going to be only a matter of time before the rest of the world caught on.

The Link Between Nesting And Health

Millennials are one of the groups driving a return to conscious living, sustainable consumer habits and health-first habits in general. Most social activities that involve meeting up somewhere often involve drinking. But, it seems, millennials are not having too much of it, as sober lifestyles are gaining in popularity.

Cooking at home is another huge driving fact for the nesting trends. While there are no extreme aversions to takeaway food, there is a growing return to the tradition of cooking healthier, tasty meals from scratch – at least some of the time. TV cooking show ratings have benefited greatly from increased audience interest.



Cosmin and Sasha – Cristian Bortes via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


The Most Popular Forms Of Nesting

Not surprisingly, social media and online Skype connections with friends and family, Netflix, and YouTube win big in this pastime popularity contest. Another big winner is cosying up with hot chocolate and enjoying a gaming session. There is no shortage of offers or enticing appeals, in fact, you can join the party here and find out what the online gaming lure and seemingly pleasurable fuss is all about. That gaming is so integral to Nova Scotia’s winter nesting trend should come as no surprise. This industry is versatile enough to engage audiences of all ages, of course depending on the specific game or genre.

 The homebody movement is continuously heading up on the lifestyle charts as more people embrace the little pleasures life can bring. That is, perhaps, how you truly create an equilibrium between virtual presence and being present in the here and now.


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