There is a general lack of understanding about casinos among people. This has led to a lot of myths about what a casino is, most of which are untrue, ill-conceived, and total nonsense. 

In this article, we together with identify the most popular casino myths in circulation and hit back with the truth. Some of these misconceptions are even carried by casino players themselves. 

Get ready for a thrilling adventure as we beam our spotlight on the truth behind popular casino myths.

Myth 1: It is illegal to Gamble Online

This is perhaps the most shocking online casino myth circulated today. Of course, it is not true, online casinos are legal in many countries. Although some countries enforce a ban on online casinos, their numbers are not large enough to declare it as the norm.

It is like saying because there are no smoking areas in some buildings, smoking is illegal in America.  Utter nonsense, right? That is how it is when people say online casinos are illegal. 

Canada for example has tight restrictions on private operators running online casinos, but they allow its citizens to use online casinos located outside of Canada. 

Who controls the agency that issues out online gambling licenses? It is the same government that issues out these licenses through its agencies such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority.

Myth 2: Online Casinos Are Pre-Programmed to Favour the Casinos 

This myth is by no means true. Yes, the online casinos always win but it is not because they program their games to favor them but because of the randomness and unpredictability nature of the games. 

The only time you may have cause for alarm is when you play with unlicensed casinos that are not regulated. They are a lot of them online that aim to dupe you of your money rather than offer you fair services.

It is wrong to label all online casinos as rigged because of a few bad eggs. If you play with a licensed casino, you can expect fair play and completely random selections.

Another reason why this is not true is because of the nature of online casino games. They make use of a powerful algorithm, the Random Number Generator (RNG), that delvers random outcomes. Both the player and the online casino establishment cannot predict the outcomes because it doesn’t follow any pattern 

With the odds favoring the online casinos in the long run, it is the height of madness and self-destruction for an online casino to rig games. If they get caught (which is certain to happen thanks to modern surveillance technology), they will lose their players, have their licenses revoked, and get banned for it. 

Myth 3: If You Record Long Losing Streak on a Slot Machine, A Big Win Is Due

This is false. The Random Number Generator (RNG) makes this myth untrue. It can work for a few people but it is by no means the law. Also, your finite bankroll can hinder this strategy. 

Every spin on a slot machine is unique. Even if you study the last sets of spin results, it can only show you the result of your past spins but cannot predict what will happen next. The idea that a big win is overdue after a long period of losses is false. It is a mere wish and nothing concrete.

Myth 4: It Is Not Safe to Gamble Online 

The fear here is genuine. Online activities such as payment transactions are susceptible to cybercriminals. People are right to fear the safety of their personal information online. The general myth that online casinos are havens for cybercriminals is no way near the truth.

Online casinos invest a lot of money building secure websites.  They also employ some robust security measures like the use of SSL encryption, deployment of the latest security technologies, and other measures to block any form of access for cybercriminals. Cybersecurity experts are also employed or consulted to check for any loopholes cybercriminals can use. 

If you can conduct cash transactions online with your bank without safety fears, you can do so with online casinos. 

Myth 5: Casino Is a Game of Luck

This myth has lots of truth in it. Luck plays a big role in many casino games, especially the ones that fall into the soft game categories – Slot, roulette, Craps, and Bingo. For these soft games, luck plays a leading role. For hard games like Poker, Blackjack, and other table games, skills play a leading role in determining the outcome.

Luck and skills are important both play key roles when playing casino games. It is wrong to say that casino is purely a game of luck.  


Knowing the truths behind the popular casino myths will make you a better casino player.


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