The Legal Status of Sports Betting in Canada


For those interested in sports betting in Canada, everything about the way the industry is regulated can be a bit confusing. Since there is no straight answer to the question if sports betting is legal in Canada, betters always need more information.

Like almost everywhere else in the world, there are sports betting laws and regulations in Canada. These regulations are related to territory and the country’s provinces, as well as to Native reservations.

However, Canadian bettors can always find this Canadian betting site that is legal and that can fit their needs.

History of Laws

The first document about gambling in Canada was written in the late 19th century. According to that document, every kind of gambling was illegal in Canada. However, shortly after that, at the beginning of the 20th century, some betting activities became legal. Bingo games and raffles became legal, even though just for charity purposes. Soon after, betting on horse racing became legal, because the Canadian government realizes that there was a huge economic potential in it.

As time passed, a lot of other kinds of gambling became legal. In the middle of the century, lotteries were legalized. As laws related to gambling loosened, gambling became more and more popular. The real turnover was the legalization of slot machines and related games.

What Does the Legal Situation Look Like Today?

Laws related to betting are very outdated in Canada. Since the law explains that Canadian companies aren’t allowed to get involved in organizing and operating any gambling activity in the country, Canadian gambling enthusiasts gamble on the platforms operated by foreign companies.

Online gambling changed the way that the industry functions nowadays. With internet access, Canadian gamblers can register on sites operated by companies from other countries. However, the problem is that it’s pretty complicated for bettors to search for information about the betting company. Everyone wants to sit on their sofas, take their phones, and place bets. The main advantage of online betting is that it’s far more comfortable and convenient, but when you have to search about the company and if it legal for you to bet on that site, it can be exhausting.

The minimum legal age for gambling in Canada is 18 or 19 years, depending on your location (province).

The Criminal Code of Canada is the institution that regulates everything related to online and offline betting in Canada. It gives licenses and let them, or forbids them to work.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission is the institution that operates online and land-based casinos in one particular territory. Those who live on that territory can play casino online or offline casino games operated by the mentioned institution.

However, since there is a huge economic potential in the industry, the Canadian government may soon allow betting companies to run an online business.


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