How Canadian College Students Can Choose a Safe Online Casino


There is no denying that online casinos are gaining popularity among college students in Canada. In fact, research has shown that young online poker players are leaving the US to play in Canada. While it’s true that operating online casinos in country, Canadian residents can play at approved online casinos who are operated internationally.
While the explosion of online casino gambling into new markets, it would seem to be a certainty some people will be a little hesitant to throw money at an online casino website. There’s nothing wrong with a little caution. To make the thought of risking money online a little more palatable, here are four recommendations on how to find safe and secure online casinos.

1. Check for Licensing

For an online casino to operate legally, they must have proper licensing in the jurisdiction in which they are intending to provide gambling services. 

In Europe, most of the reputable online casinos are licensed with either the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. Both of those government agencies serve as authorities over the online gambling activities in England and other parts of Europe.

In the U.S., licensing it handled at the state level. Players should never deposit money with an online operator that isn’t licensed within the state in which the player resides. This should serve as a warning because there are rogue operators that create problems and have no accountability. 

2. Read Online Reviews

Sooner or later, every online casino in operation is going to come under scrutiny by at least one of the world’s top online casino watchdog websites. These are websites that monitor the activities of as many online casinos as they can. The watchdogs offer transparency about online casinos that are acting unfairly or in a way other than they should.

These watchdog websites also offer online casino reviews. These reviews will typically provide information about each casino’s background, licensing, software platform, software security, games, bonus promotions, banking options, and customer service. Online for Canadian players is a great place to start. After reading several online casino reviews, a gambler should be able to formulate a good idea about which online casinos are the safest. Given the number of online casinos in operation, this is a quick way to gather information before selecting an online casino. 

3. Research Online Casino’s Security Features

As far as security is concerned, each online casino is required to provide information related to how its software is going to protect gamblers from criminal activities. Gamblers need to know this information. Why? As part of the registration process, gamblers have to provide information like Social Security number, address, banking information, email address, and age. This is all sensitive information that criminals would love to get their hands on. Gamblers need to make sure they know how a particular operator is going to be protecting them.


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