Just like the slot fans wait impatiently for every new title to appear in Vulkan Vegas Canadian Casino, there has also been a lot of hype since Riot Games announced the release of Valorant in June 2020. The game is receiving so much attention with many players as they try to come down to an agreement of which one is the best between Valorant and CS: GO.

The similarities between these two impressive esports types are only skin-deep, but both are very different on the inside. For instance, both games require high skills, quick reflexes, and have dissimilar levels to play. However, a glimpse at the summary of Valorant and CS: GO won’t help, and we will need to dig in a little deeper to understand how these two differ. So let’s get started!

The Gameplay 

The easiest way to explain these two esports kinds to any neophyte is to first look at the basic concept between the two. Valorant is a team-based game comprised of a team of five attackers. The main objective is to plant a spike to eliminate the enemies to win that round. These five players have to also prevent their opponents from planting the spike by eliminating them. 

This same concept applies to CS: GO, but instead of a “spike”, a bomb is used. It comprises of two teams, the terrorists vs the counter-terrorists. Both teams have roles to play as they try to eliminate each other. Depending on the mode being played, the terrorists plant bombs and capture hostages. This is opposite to the counter-terrorists who rescue hostages and defuse bombs. 

As you can see, most principles that apply in CS: GO are more or less the same in the other game. But these changes when it comes to some elements like maps and weaponry. 

Weapons of Choice 

It is impossible not to notice how identical the weapons used in both games are. The Vandal and the Operator look like younger brothers of AK-47 and AWP respectively. This is the same case to the Sheriff and the Phantom, which are equivalent to Desert Eagle and M4’s. Several weapons might have different names in Valorant, but they feel identical with the ones in CS: GO. However, the differences between these tools come in their special abilities and the gameplay. The choice of guns in Valorant is also smaller as compared to CS: GO, though not all of them are used in the latter. 

The Shields in Valorant act as CS: GO Kevlar. Riot used the same concept by creating two types of shields, namely “light” and “heavy”. These are similar to Kevlar and Kevlar plus helmet in the Valve’s FPS title. 

Characters and Abilities

Both these titles come with several different characters with their own set of abilities. The first of these two games has 10 characters, and they are chosen before a match and also have an ultimate ability that has to be charged after some time. Some aptitudes are similar to those used in Counter-Strike, for instance, smoke grenades, and flashbangs. Other abilities like teleporting, healing, and casting poison clouds have nothing to do with CS: GO and are unique to their rivals. 

Characters in Valorant are indeed a huge distinction considering that these powers are used to help the team win. Besides, the ultimate ability is used occasionally and when the need arises. This is due to its nature of the need to be charged. 

128-tick Servers for Quality Gameplay and Anti-Cheat System

Riot Games has promised its players of a robust anti-cheat system that will ensure the gamers have a smooth gaming experience without worrying about cheaters while playing. This system is specifically designed for Valorant and is similar to the anti-cheat in Vanguard and League of Legends.

Besides, it will use 128-tick servers, which is an improvement of CS: GO. Fans of Valve’s CS: GO, have been requesting for it with no success simply because the developer says the majority of the players are using older systems; hence, it will not be able to accommodate 128-tick servers. Luckily for Valorant players, they will be able to experience a high performance as well as smooth gameplay for the most competitive shooter. 

Other Notable Differences

If you are wondering how the maps and the movements look like in both games, then you don’t have to anymore. Valorant follows a unique pattern just like CS: GO and included three maps in beta but had four during its release. The four maps include Bind, Haven, Split, and Ascent.  


Both cybersports titles are similar in so many ways.  The attention they have gotten, the movements and shooting techniques, weapons, and their gameplay are why these two esports are indistinguishable. On the other side, they differ when it comes to characters and their abilities, maps, and so much more. 

Whether you want to bet on these games or to play them will depend on your interests. Valorant is simply a younger version of CS: GO, or as some will say it is a “modern counter-strike” game.


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